Get Online Prices From Your Local Retailer

NowDiscount is a revolutionary app providing shoppers the ability to get great deals from trusted local retailers. Our app allows consumers to get online pricing, but with the instant gratification and peace-of-mind from shopping with local retailers.We believe that customers want the benefits of shopping from a local retailer, but need a competitive price. The NowDiscount app is the solution!

How it works

The NowDiscount app works by:

  1. A shopper downloads an app onto their smart phone.
  2. When in a retail establishment and “showrooming”, consumer scans the bar code (or
    manually enters the item) and the app identifies the item.
  3.  The app then searches for the lowest price available from credible online retailers.
  4. Using smart phone geolocation capability, the app identifies the retailer, its geographic location and nearby retailers.
  5. App then sends an online query to the retailers inquiring whether the retailer would be willing to sell the item at the online price or another discounted price.
  6. The retailer responds with a yes or no. If “no”, the query would pass on to the next closest retailer and so on until a response was received.
  7. If no price-discounting response was received (e.g. – no retailer was willing to match the price), the customer can fulfill the transaction online with the lowest price credible online merchant.