Get Online Prices From Your Local Retailer

NowDiscount is a revolutionary app providing shoppers the ability to get great deals from trusted local retailers. Our app allows consumers to get online pricing, but with the instant gratification and peace-of-mind from shopping with local retailers.We believe that customers want the benefits of shopping from a local retailer, but need a competitive price. The NowDiscount app is the solution!

For Retailers

“Showrooming’” is a recent trend negatively impacting physical retailers. Consumers are visiting
stores to research and learn about a given product, then return home to buy it online at a
cheaper price. Showrooming is becoming an increasingly large factor in specialty retail.

Retailers need an ally to preserve their customer relationships. The NowDiscount app enables
retailers to lower and/or match their list prices to fulfill the transaction on a one-to-one basis with
the consumer. Retailers no longer need to be tethered to blunt “everyday low pricing” matching tactics that decimate margins. Retailers will be able to provide their showrooming shoppers
with instant gratification, preserve and build their customer relationships and provide specific
consumers with competitive deals.

If interested, please contact our business development team for more information.