Get Online Prices From Your Local Retailer

NowDiscount is a revolutionary app providing shoppers the ability to get great deals from trusted local retailers. Our app allows consumers to get online pricing, but with the instant gratification and peace-of-mind from shopping with local retailers.We believe that customers want the benefits of shopping from a local retailer, but need a competitive price. The NowDiscount app is the solution!

About Us

We believe that consumers want the immediate satisfaction and peace of mind associated with
buying from local retailers. However, online merchants often have lower prices. Our app is
aimed at bridging this gap. By providing savvy shoppers with lower prices, everyone wins—
customers get great pricing and immediate gratification, and retailers can build and retain crucial client relationships without losing sales to online merchants.


NowDiscount is based out of Portland, OR. Our team is comprised of senior leaders from the
specialty retail and technology sectors.


For more information about our solution, please contact our support team.